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The Federation "Vinotinto" is writing a letter to Chile after a serious insult to Pablo Bonilla. Around 1:00 a.m., the leaders still spoke.

By: L. Rivera Talpen and D. Arrieta

After the match in which Venezuela defeated Chile 2-1, for the second date of Sub 20 South America, images began to be replicated on all continental portals. Chilean Diego Díaz insults Pablo Bonilla by saying "starve to death" in the 70th minute of the match after a strong, but loyal defender, defender "Vinotinto".

Around 23:00 this Saturday, CDF News receive information from the Venezuelan federation: They are determined to denounce Chile. A few minutes later, at the hotel where Caribbean people lived, they ratified the idea. "Lawyers and directors see the picture and they are clear, the writing will be written", they confirmed (here note).

The news was known at around 11:30 p.m. and from ANFP began steps to get closer to their Venezuelan counterparts. The idea is to offer an apology for Diaz's disgraceful actions and to avoid a larger situation with the criticism they have begun to build.

Along with these calls and negotiations, the Chilean defender took his Instagram account and wrote a message to acknowledge his insults and offer an apology to Bonilla and the Venezuelan people. It was almost midnight and a few minutes later ANFP officially submitted a letter from Díaz himself, clearly a more complicated document.

So, at dawn, CDF News he knew that after dialogue between the two federations – which happened after 00:00 – Venezuela was willing not to denounce Diaz. In fact, ANFP president Sebastián Moreno did not travel back to Santiago because he was scheduled to continue resolving the controversy.

Now Chile must obey what appears in the writings that published the Quilín agency, apologizing directly with its competitors.

Distinguished gentlemen Rafael Dudamel, Pablo Bonilla and members of the delegation of the Venezuelan Sub-20 Team:

Through this letter, I would like to express my most sincere apology for my disgraceful attitude towards Pablo Bonilla and the Venezuelan people during the development of the match between Chile and Venezuela for the Sub 20 of South America.

I am aware of the long history of friendship between Venezuela and Chile. Over the years, thousands of Chileans emigrated and were received in a caring and fraternal way. All the references that I have about my compatriots who live there are very positive and they give an explanation of a beautiful country, which I have never tried to hurt with my words.

I deeply regret my reaction to Pablo Bonilla. However, my intention is to demean or insult the Venezuelans. Like millions of Chileans, I have the fortune to share with people who come from Venezuela to Chile and I have realized their human qualities.

Without a doubt, this sad experience will help me in my career as an athlete. The soccer players have great public responsibility. There are millions of people who see this activity as a reflection of values ​​such as friendship, respect and, above all, fair play.

"Things that happen in court, remain in court" is a saying that is used regularly in this activity, but does not justify irresponsible attitudes and statements that are as painful as I do. I am sure that football is more than this. My behavior as a professional athlete and public person must always be more than this.

I apologize to Pablo Bonilla, to Professor Rafael Dudamel and his entire team, to the Venezuelan Football Federation, to Venezuelans, to the entire Venezuelan community living in Chile and, of course, to anyone I feel offended by what I say .

The next day we met at El Teniente Stadium, I hope to convey my most sincere apologies personally.

Nicolás Díaz Huincales

U20 Chile National Team Player


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