China launches the first 100 MW solar power plant


The solar-powered liquid salt tower plant covers a area of ​​7.8 square kilometers, with a heat absorption tower that rises 260 meters above the ground.

With 12,000 large reflection mirrors, this power plant is capable of producing energy throughout the day, providing 390 million kWh of electricity per year.

Technology to produce solar energy produces sustainable and constant electricity production through the use of green energy, and is considered a new source of energy with great potential.

Zeng Shaojun, an expert with the National Energy Administration's regulatory committee, said that such technology could be a viable substitute for traditional heat energy.

"The success of technology development and commercialization of solar power is more than a new type of electricity supply, it is a stable resource with peak regulation and voltage regulation in existing new energy sources, and a substitute for thermal power," Zeng said.

Sources said that the operation of a liquid salt tower solar power plant would reduce annual carbon dioxide emissions by up to 350,000 tons. Video: Reuters.


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