Chile will try to dispel doubts about Venezuela in the sub-20 of South America


that Chile team will search eliminating doubts this Saturday in sub-20 South America disputed in our country. La Rojita will jump to Rancagua court lieutenant at 7:30 p.m. (22:30 GMT).

The team led by Hector Robles equaled 1-1 with Bolivia on the first date, leaving many doubts as to what was shown to Altiplanics.

On the contrary, Venezuela arrived with courage by a 1-0 win against Colombia at the premiere, which is why they now go for the host.

"Llaneros" will jump to court with Carlos Olses; Riki Mangana, Pablo Bonilla, Christian Makoun, Ignacio Anzola; Jorge Yriarte, Cristian Cásseres, Rommell Ibarra; Samuel Sosa, Jan Carlos Hurtado and Brayan Palmezano.

Chile, meanwhile, will seek its first win together Luis Ureta; Nicolás Fernández, Lucas Alarcón, Alex Ibacache, Nicolás Díaz; Tomás Alarcón, Iván Morales, Matías Marín, Marcelo Allende; Carlos Villanueva and Matías Sepúlveda.

Previous, Brazil will make a debut at 5:10 p.m. (20:10 GMT) before a similar one from Colombia who will try to get up from the first defeat.

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