Check out the difficult times the Olmué Festival attended because of the fire in Patagual


The complicated moment of humorous life of Chiqui Aguayo in a full presentation of her routine, because when she talked about "only" us in Chile – part of her routine – the public began to materialize and stand up. Although he did not immediately understand, the closeness to the people enabled him to realize that one of the cables located on the top of the stage, where the lights were, caught fire.

He stopped his presentation and asked the animators, Karen Doggenweiler and Cristián Sánchez to do something about this inconvenience, which is why they both went on stage and asked emergency personnel to review the situation, and so that the community was placed in one place again. certain

Even though they tried to continue the festival and talk to comedians, they finally decided to go to the ad so that the problem could be solved in a better way.

The firefighters worked there and managed to control the situation, after 10 minutes, and after connecting the broadcast with their press channel, TVN returned with the Olmué Festival and comedians returning to the stage to complete the routine.

However, the problem did not end there, because besides the animator who was unaware of seeing when the transmission returned, as soon as they started speaking, Cristián Sánchez's microphone did not work.

Chiqui took the opportunity to joke about what happened, saying that "I only talked about how we were in Chile" and added that the channel – TVN – seemed to be lacking in budget, which triggered everyone's laughter and helped to relax the atmosphere, after that moment of tension.

19 JANUARY 2019 / OLD
A cable caught fire after producing a short circuit, on the third night of the Huaso Festival in Olmue.

Cristian Sanchez (d) spoke to the guards during the emergency, on the third night of the Huaso Festival in Olmue.


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