Carola de Moras called the audio leak: "For me it has a huge cost and it hurts me" | Society


Carolina de Moras he refers to deciding his friendship with Rafael Araneda, who besides being his friend was his television companion for the past eight years.

It is said that this distance occurs after the animator will filter WhatsApp audio that the model was sent to the group they had in the morning, where it spoke of the death of Katherine Winter, a young person who committed suicide by intimidating and who studied at the same school as Carola's daughter.

Much has happened about it, but only this Tuesday the communicator refers to the subject in a conversation with Magazine, huh, where he pointed out that "this screening had a huge cost to me and it hurt me, more than the cost, the pain of the family suffering at that time, I thought it was unfair to express it, not because of my audio, but for what they feel"

In that line it adds that "it's not fair either because, in the end, no one measures the consequences of this and is declared colado:" Ah, yes, that's a mistake, but it's a mistake like not in the end , He expressed his intention to repent"

Carolina de Moras, finally reflecting the moral that this situation left him, clarified that "the first thing is that trust radars have stopped developing and suddenly maintenance is needed, today I see faces and not intentions".


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