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Cannot accept the death of former instructor Rene O "Ryan

Last Saturday, the death of Rene O & Ryan, better known as the "Instructor" of the "Platoon" was confirmed. O & # 39; Ryan fought cancer in 2016, but his body finally gave up.

The former sailor managed to win affection from the public thanks to his friendly personality, as well as the recognition of television faces, where more than one manages to make friends.

The closest came to the Immaculate Conception church, which is located in Vitacura.

One of the assistants was Karla Constant, who managed to fake extraordinary friendship with René in Mega's "Heavy Load" program.

Cheerleaders arrive at the church and cannot hide how influential he is, because in September he spent his birthday with him.

"Very difficult for meWhat made me even more angry was that he was very kind, in September we celebrated his birthday, he had an extraordinary party with the family, friends, we celebrate, we have an amazing time and now … it feels, I don't know they say that you have a stage when someone dies, I think I'm angry and in denial, and I can't accept it because he is my friend , he because he lives in my heartmy friend, my sister who is soulless and I don't know how you say goodbye, was revealed in the middle of an interview where she cried and couldn't hold back tears.

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"I have welcomed him for Christmas, but he did not answer me, so I said & # 39; he had to travel & # 39 ;, but what surprised me was that even though he was traveling he would always answer me or send me a message and this time no like that. I insisted, I insisted, I called, I called, I called, no, I wrote to his wife, no and there I said something good happened"Sentenced for crying.

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