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WhatsApp is one of the most popular applications from India, with more than 200 million users, in a country that also leads the world in sending money.

In 2017 this advantage, that emigrants send to their home countries – usually to relatives -, exceeding 69 billion dollars in India as detailed by the World Bank.

For this reason, Facebook is looking for ways to enter the money transfer business and so far your best bet is create cryptocurrency for WhatsApp.

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So much so that the financial analysis of American companies, Bloomberg, detailed in its report in December 2018 that even though Facebook is still developing a strategy for the creation of crypto currencies, that is launching through the WhatsApp platform is an open secret.

Keep in mind that inside 2014, the company Mark Zuckerberg recruited former PayPal president David Marcus, to run Facebook's native messaging application, called Messenger.

That was the same year that WhatsApp purchases, by the oldest social network that is still active, are starting to form.

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But it didn't arrive the first month of 2018 that the first rumors of the cryptocurrency appeared made by Facebook. The reason the Zuckerberg Company launched order of recruitment (which currently reaches 40 people) for your team responsible for the development and research of the "blockchain" method.

that "blockchain" is a distributed database that records block information and intertwines it to facilitate the recovery of information and verification that has not been altered, eliminate intermediaries and decentralize information management to provide process control to users.

All hassle "blockchain" tends to provide greater security and independence when applied to currencies, which in turn causes a cryptocurrency boom recent years.

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"Like many other companies, Facebook is exploring ways to harness the power of blockchain technology"A Facebook spokesman told Bloomberg.

"This is new small team is exploring various applications. We don't have anything else to share, "they added without specifying the role played by exPayPal David Marcus, which currently appears as & # 39; blockchain researcher for Facebook & # 39; on your professional profile.

All of the above experts are allowed to give ratings "It is very possible" the possibility that Facebook will launch cryptocurrency in the coming years to transfer money through WhatsApp.

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