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Camila Recabarren took his first step to become mayor

The first requirement to launch a new challenge is to have the desire, and Camila Recabarren does it.

The former Miss Chile and who this week appeared as a commentator on "Pagi Chilevisión", at the age of 26 had several dreams to fulfill and one of them had nothing to do with her current job as a media figure.

Camila wants to be elected mayor of La Serena, the city that saw it grow. A plan that has been going on for about a year and has been born since he noticed with little progress that – in his opinion – was made at a well-known spa in the Coquimbo Region.

"Politics attracts my attention and I like it. Region IV is beautiful, but you go and it is fome, nothing and I have lived my whole life there I was accused of not being able to do so many positive things and with someone the mayor who has two periods, no progress is noticed ", paste the first raspacacho.

"The court is not good, there is no green area. Of course, it is cheaper to make dry gardens, which with stones, beautiful, but to save yourself from planting trees and maintenance," he said.

The next city election is 2020, but Camila will say "step". His candidacy is intended for later, "when he has greater experience and support. Now I am 26 and I feel that I have to learn a lot when I do it, to do it very well. And for that I have to study, internalize."

Long-term preparation that also includes getting closer to the voters, the most advanced aircraft. "I have started to do a lot of social projects and that has brought me closer to people. It is rich to generate trust, transparency, that the public respects," denies future civil servants.

– Do you get support from political parties?

I only need to take the time to clarify myself at that time, because I do not define myself on both sides of politics, I am like a middle man and I do not want to be like that. Although, I have a daughter in a very left school.

– What brings you to politics?

Two years ago I didn't want to know anything about politics, I hate politicians. I have a partner who is a board member from La Serena, who threw herself as mayor, so my refusal … I saw what was offered every day and not many contributed, and I received a salary that caught my attention, because I am a member the board won 500 or 600 people, but in the end they cut off I don't know where and that money can be destined for other things.

– Then

There I was disappointed to know that the politician was inside, because not everyone was the same. But I believe that many act in bad ways and they protect each other, which is why many people outside politics must do it and when that is the case, they make life impossible to get out. But that doesn't matter to me, I want to work, contribute, grow, get information, learn body language, speech therapy.

– Pega treasure.

Yes and that is to grow and people trust me, so I will vote for you. If you see me doing silly things, that won't happen.

– Apart from bad practices, what do you want to change?

We need to involve more young people in various fields. There are new things that we want to contribute, new projects. Clear refreshment is needed.

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