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Bolivia sent a commission to Chile to coordinate the rescue of miners in Tocopilla


Bolivian President Evo Morales sent this Friday a commission to Chile to coordinate the rescue action three Bolivian miners who was trapped in a mine in Tocopilla.

Delegates will move to the San José mine for coordinate related actions, the most urgent and most important for immediate and immediate attention in saving our compatriots ", Deputy Minister of Consular Management Raúl Castro told the media in La Paz.

"We will evaluate there also the need for the kind of support needed, or we will coordinate with the local government, "added Castro, who will lead the Bolivian commission.

A landslide trapped three Bolivian workers at a mine in the Chilean area of ​​Antofagasta, 70 meters underground, where a rescue operation was launched.

According to Castro, the workers were identified as Leonardo Condori Huarina, 57 years old; Solomon Veizaga Delgadillo, of 45, and Lenin Veizaga Soto, of 19, the last two fathers and children.

The three Bolivians entered the mine at 8pm Thursday to repair ventilation ducts and the collapse occurred about three hours later, Carabineros captain David Cortés told reporters.

Miners They are in a 180-meter tunnel and blockages occur about 100 meters from the entrance, according to personnel from Chile's National Geology and Mining Service.

The Bolivian Foreign Ministry has contact with families of workers who will be supported "so that they can receive assistance in the area" while accompanying the rescue process, Castro said.

Condori is from La Paz and has lived for 10 years in Chile with his wife, while Veizaga is from the city of Montero, in the eastern region of Santa Cruz, he said.

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