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Boca Juniors insisted on winning the Libertadores thanks to the "table" and would draw the size of Conmebol

The final story Copa Libertadores 2018 will continue to play outside the court, because Boca Juniors not accept the decision Conmebol, who decides that he must play with him River plate in Madrid to finish the king.

Xeneize players insisted that they should give him the secretariat title, after last Saturday's incident around Monumental Buenos Aires, and because they would complain to the Appeal Room of ANFP.

Moreover, the Oro y Cielo team confirmed that if they regained the slam from Conmebol, they would go to TAS to request the Cup.

The final is scheduled for Sunday 9 December in Madrid, but it is not clear whether Boca is present.

Boca press release

"Following the decision of the Conmebol Disciplinary Court, Boca Juniors informed us that they did not share the same arguments and considered them to be in contravention of the rules and precedents of jurisprudence, in which the appeal would be submitted before the Court of Appeal from Conmebol and, finally, before the Arbitration Tribunal of Sport.

The club insists that, it has been proven with conclusive evidence, a brutal attack on the microclimate suffered on November 24, 2018, around and to the entrance gate of the Monumental stadium, there are no other sanctions other than those requested at our presentation

Boca Juniors' main goal still has to comply with the rules of Conmebol, which is known by all clubs that compete in the Copa Libertadores de América. In particular, in the case of Article 8, paragraphs 1 and 2; Article 13.2 article b), e) and f); and Article 18 paragraph 1) of the Conmebol Discipline Regulation, taking into account the seriousness of the behavior and recidivisional character of the event organizer club.

In this way, Boca Juniors requested that the decision be in accordance with the rules and that it applies to all clubs equally, while ratifying that it would consume all means of jurisdiction. "

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