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bitten by a dog

The Ministry of Health of the Dominican Republic reported on Thursday that they were investigating possible cases of human rabies in six-year-old boys, who was hospitalized in Santo Domingo.

The boy, who was bitten by a dog on his right foot about six months ago, according to the mother, was included for the presentation history of fever, chest pain, right leg, hydrophobia, and muscle spasms, among other diseases, according to a statement from the Health portfolio.

As told by the mother of a small child, a neighbor kills a dog with a stick, which presents aggressiveness and sialorrea.
The child was taken to Robert Reid Cabral hospital in the capital, from Elio Fiallo hospital in the provincial Pedernales, the statement added.

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After notification, the team of the Directorate of Health of the Provincial Pedernales, evaluating people in contact with cases, including health workers from centers visited by patients and their families.

In the same way, they actively look for people who are attacked by the animal to take appropriate action, which consists of applying the rabies vaccine in cases that require it.

Between August and September this year, one day vaccination of dogs and cats was held at Pedernales, managing to immunize 4,708 animals from an estimated population of 5,000, for coverage of 94.16%, the statement added.

According to data from the National Directorate of Epidemiology, published this week, so far this year in the country has killed two people due to human rabies.

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