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Benjamín Vicuña and sad memories of the death of her daughter Blanca: "My life is split in two" | TV and Events

Six years ago the lives of Benjamín Vicuña and Carolina & # 39; Pampita & # 39; Ardohaín changed forever, because at that time his daughter Blanca died after contracting bacteria on the way. Although each year the actor publishes a picture that remembers the child, or talks about his short life, it seldom refers to the death of the girl himself.

That is why, in the conversation, Caras magazine, Vicuña spoke extensively about the fatal facts that marked his life forever.

"Since that day my life has been split in two and clearly it makes you see the situation in a different way. Time passes and each has its own way of carrying out a duel and assimilating something that is impossible to understand", Kiri told the actor, adding that despite the passage of time "Pain never leaves you, occupies a place and you learn to live with it".

In the middle of this story, which included a revelation of panic attacks and intense days of crying, for Benjamin it was inevitable to remember Matteo, the son of his friend Leonor Varela who died last November.

"Death of Matteo a few weeks ago, Leonor and Lucas (Akoskin) 's sons were terrible. They wrote to me, I had a personal dialogue with them and it was very difficult; you became a kind of sick minister. I returned to live in despair because I could not breathe , don't understand anything ", said the actor.

Apart from everything, Vicuña admitted that the great therapy that helped her progress was people, who sent her countless samples of affection that helped her a lot.

"Because Blanca is a public, she changed a lot of life. That's how I feel it and that's how thousands of people who wrote to me told me about their experiences. One time I felt that I had to thank the wave of love that I lived six years ago. While I keep my big secrets, my intimacy and suffering, little by little I have let go and share the pain as now in this interview ", he concluded.

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