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Becky G explains why she speaks more in English than in Spanish

American singer Becky G He explained in his Instagram account why he spoke more in English than Spanish to his followers, some of which upset him with the language he used.

"Why are you fucking? Why did they make love so much? They say so much in my comments that Becky is why you speak Spanish, that he doesn't write in Spanish, that he only wants to sing songs in Spanish, "said the artist, whose four grandparents were Mexicans.

"That's because I want to, I like that and if that it's a problem for you why you followed me. I can speak Spanish but I prefer to speak in English, this is my first language, "Becky added.

With his mixed accent, the singer explained "I speak like that because I am a world princess"and noted his mother, who said that" his first language was English and he learned a little Spanish, but it was very difficult for him to study both because we had autistic children and we decided to speak in English so he could better understand him. "

"We are all good and Mexican people we speak Spanish perfectly at home"mother added Rebbeca Marie Gómez, note the name of the singer, who was also born in the US.


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