Battle of forest fires has new allies: arrived Russian helicopter Kamov KA-32 to Chile


A new element to combat forest fires in Chile arrived on Friday at the Pudahue air terminal. This is the Russian Kamov KA-32 helicopter, which came to strengthen the CONAF area fleet. This aircraft will remain in the next few days at the FACH Group 10 airbase, while the clutch phase is complete.

The aircraft arrives by air ferry to the cargo terminal, immediately starting the assembly process by special personnel, this work will take between three and five days to complete. Kamov is a heavy twin-rotor helicopter, which allows to deal with wind intensity, and is highly adapted to the Chilean topography given its maneuverability.

Arrival of Russian helicopters MIN GENTILEZA. AGRICULTURE

For Minister of Agriculture, Antonio Walker, "this is very good news, this helicopter adds to the battle of forest fires when we designed it in the national prevention and battle plan, which President Piñera requested, strengthen our ability to react. We must thank you for efforts made by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Onemi and CONAF. We need citizenship to help us, prevention number one, prevention number two, prevention number three, the best fires that do not happen, before a suspicious attitude, please call number 130 to remind. "

This helicopter has very good efficiency, is able to reach all types of terrain, can launch 5,000 liters of water from its pond and has a transportation capacity of 11 people to be able to mobilize our brigadistas. This aircraft has increased to 46 aircraft that were present in the outbreak of forest fires during the current season 2018-2019, a historic event in fire control in our country.

Coming from Canada, Kamov was hired with a pilot, co-pilot and three maintenance technicians and will be assigned to the Maule Region, specifically to the Vichuquén area.


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