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Banco Santander collects no debt that appears written in court

that Supreme Court receiving drug protection against Banco Santander by referring to the client debt collection letters that never existed and, in addition, pretended to be a court report.

In a divided decision, the Third Room of the highest court revoked the appeal ruling, issued by the Santiago Appeals Court, and instruct financial institutions to refrain from billing outside the law through communication or other instruments that appear to be court orders or come from the court.

The ruling specified that the bank's client, Carlos ilavila, saw "his mental integrity was violated, amended by sending a letter by Banco Santander, through which he was billed by a debt that did not exist."

He added that the financial institutions used for this purpose "appear in court orders, under these circumstances such actions are expressly prohibited by law"

The letter, on August 6, warned Ávila about "a judicial sentence" for not paying the amount "to Banco Santander Banefe, for that reason he must deal with and take over each of the seizure and withdrawal of assets that include pending obligations with their respective fees and attorneys' fees obtained from this trial, which will be their expense, emphasize , in fact, that before the legal action & # 39; s legal address was confirmed and notified & # 39; "

"This is a rough training from the faculty", emphasizing the highest court ruling.

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