Bad news for those who like soft drinks!


US scientists claim to have little information about how alcohol-free soft drinks affect health.

"For example, we have almost no data on what types of drinks encourage the development of kidney disease, now we have discussed this gap", explained Casey Rebholz, associate professor at Johns Hopkins University (USA).

According to statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO), humans currently suffer from serious obesity problems. So, one in three humans is overweight, and 15% is affected by the severe form of this disorder.

As if this is not enough, almost half of the dangerous diseases usually arise as a result of being overweight.

Sugar and soft drinks stand out among the most dangerous foods that catalyze the epidemic, which has gained tremendous popularity throughout the world over the past few decades.

Two years ago, US researchers revealed that the consequences of consuming soft drinks brought about 184,000 people every year. The areas most affected by this problem are Latin America and the United States.

To find other effects of drinks, Rebholz and colleagues monitored the health status of 3,000 people for 15 years. During the observation period, 6% were victims of chronic kidney disease.

In general, volunteers who consumed large amounts of soft drinks suffered kidney failure and other chronic disorders 61% more often than others.

The scientific team concluded that the sale of these products must be limited or taxed with high taxes.


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