AUDIO | "Pinganillas from floating floors, nice perfumes and expensive creams": Patricia Maldonado leaves mothers with Vallejo and Cariola on the radio


In its program Infinite Agriculture Radio, Patricia Maldonado have words to refer to the respect he made Camila Vallejo and Karol Cariola to Camilo Catrillanca, where they placed a Mapuche flag on the red carpet.

The conversation began when Raquel Argandoña consulted with Mega panelists if she had seen the ceremony, which she assured I have "seen a little" because "I am amused by Kike Morandé humor and I like to see it".

"Do you know who and that one appeared with the shirt Gladys Marin? Karol Cariola and Camila Vallejo. The million-dollar question is as follows: They are two deputies, who cannot stand the show that they find that the whole world is the worst, because they are deputies and they are smart, they are on another level, we are everything, "he began, which Argando asked him," what are you doing there? "" This is the question I asked myself and they went through the red carpet! "

To the astonishment of his co-worker, Maldonado continued: "First, they support the problem they have there in the south. So, my question is: What monkey do they paint? Why did you invite them if they were not artists? Double standard. If something is bothering you, how will I be in this shallow world? They don't fish or fall. That's embarrassing. I mean, I hate this but I will do the same. They can answer that they fulfill their purpose to show flags and show their clothes, they can do it on the road whenever they want. Also, if it was published in the headlines, but they did not arrest him even for …! "

"What a shame, I told you, I'm sorry for Gladys Marin, because it's real, it's not a lie. The Gladys Marin isn't floating on the floor, if all of these pinganillas are floating floors, no more. They're good perfumes, iPhones, expensive creams, hairdressers from the environment, because they will not go to La Pintana to paint themselves. They went to summer to Cachagua or they went to Miami at first. For Cartagena, let's say Raquel is crazy! Cartagena is broken! They won't leave, "he said, without a filter.

Far from stopping, Patricia said that "That double standard, is that people must begin to understand that they sell us cuchufleta … Not me, cuchufleta long ago. "


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