Artificial intelligence finds unknown human ancestors


Artificial intelligence finds another connection in human genetics, because it seems we have other ancestors that we don't know.

Artificial intelligence is applied to the study and analysis of the human genome, He found human ancestors that we did not know.

Combining deep learning algorithms and statistical methods, scientists and researchers from Institute of Evolutionary Biology in Spain working with researchers from National Center for Genomic Analysis, and scientists from Genomic Institute of the University of Tartu (Yes, there are many people involved) found traces of hominids crossing with human ancestors more than 10,000 years ago and unknown.

Ancestors of artificial intelligence

All blessings Artificial intelligence analyzes the genomes of Asian individuals and leads to the conclusion that this extinct species is a hybrid of Neanderthals and Denisovians. This discovery seems to explain that a hybrid was found in Denisovia's caves this summer, they are not isolated cases, but rather part of a more general process of introgression.

This is the result of using the first time is deep learning of artificial intelligence to search for and analyze human evolution, now we need to see what is in the future for us with this type of technology Applied to know where we come from and as a result, learn where we go.


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