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On Tuesday the humorous event was awaited the first 25th TVN La Huincha, quickly became a trending topic on Twitter.

The new room led by Karen Doggenweiler consists of placing comedians in examinations in a short time and under the strict evaluation of a judge's trio.

Francisca Merino, Eduardo Ravani and vlvaro Salas were responsible for selecting or eliminating participants, who sought to get the final prize presented at the Huaso Festival in Olmué and the Talca Festival.

The presence of Salas did not go unnoticed on social networks, because of the complicated years the comedian had because of his illness being a father.

And apparently one of the participants decided that this was a good topic to launch a short joke and inconvenience for Salas.

"When you see me in, you must say with a hue * n or cagand * You move huincha or the other must say chuuuch *, another son appears … from Don Francisco", Is the joke that Patricio Cabezas was launched and it did not cause mercy to the jury. In fact, it was noted that even Merino looked at him to see his reaction.

Catch | TVN

Catch | TVN

Catch | TVN

Catch | TVN

On social networks the moment did not go unnoticed and there were some spectators who celebrated jokes & brave & # 39; from the contestant, who unfortunately did not qualify because he got three "X" from the jury.

Check below for some reactions.


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