Android Pie for the Galaxy Note 9 can arrive in mid-January


For now, the only Samsung devices that have started receiving stable versions of Android 9.0 Pie are the Galaxy S9 and S9 +, updates that come as the first example to Germany on Christmas Eve, and that it will soon begin to unfold in other markets more.

The next cellphone in the list that must accept this new version is the Galaxy Note 9, a device which, according to Samsung Turkey, can get updates on January 15, 2019. Maybe this is a too specific date, but it is understood that it will arrive in the middle of the month for the current phablet company.

In addition, it is explained that the Galaxy Note 8, S8 and S8 + will also receive updates, in particular, only one month after the Note 9, that is, for February 15.

While this date is not in accordance with the same that was delivered by Samsung a few days ago, if we consider that the Android Pie for the Galaxy S9 arrived much earlier than expected, then we can expect the same thing to happen to this cellphone.

After all, it is not known whether this date was sent for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Note 8 and S8 They are specifically for Turkey and other markets throughout the country – which is most likely -, or if they are in accordance with the global release of updates. We will see that when the final version was released for the cellphone.

Source: SamMobile


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