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Android One will continue with the same update policy, said Google

It's scary he hit us Google in connection with Android One. But fortunately! it is a false alarm.

If someone enters now to the official website dedicated to this program, will see at the end, where clarification / asterisks are given, the following:


Confirm the exact duration of telephone assistance in your area with the smartphone manufacturer. Monthly security updates will be compatible for at least 3 years after the initial release of mobile phones.

As a complement to all this, people on the Android Engadget make direct contact with Google and receive responses.

Android One will continue its update policy

From the most famous search engines in the world they confirm that there will be no changes to the Android One update policy.

In other words, the phone carrying the seal will guarantee a minimum version update of two years and three years on a security patch.

However, the only thing that is more or less doubtful is to consult with the manufacturer smartphone from our region. That will be a direct reference to two years update in version software.

Now, if the manufacturer provides a team with Android One because it must be directly responsible for and with its users and Google in supporting and maintaining the device with the latest, always considering the minimum time specified.

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