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Anacleto Angelini's widow distributes millionaire heritage to the grandchildren of her niece and foundation – National Tvn


María Noseda, widow of Anacleto Angelini, inherits a millionaire's inheritance to her grandchildren and her niece's foundation, stipulation for each of them annual payments of $ 277 million and that 15.9% of the family matrix will be under the fiduciary control of their parents.

As a consignment The second, this month is evidence of the widow of founder Angelini – whose family currently controls the largest company in the country with the market value of Empresas Copec – who died in April at the age of 95, almost 11 years after her husband, with whom he had no children.

In his will, compiled in December 2003, Noseda determined that "Among my assets are around 15.83% of Inversiones Angelini's and Compañía Limitada's social rights. This is my desire and will that my partner's family – Roberto (70) and Patricia Angelini Rossi (64) – and their successor or child children, contribute to the development plan of the company controlled by Angelini's Inversiones and who maintain ownership and control. "

In addition, he ordered that after his death an annual inheritance of $ 277 million be delivered which could be adjusted for each of his seven niece's grandchildren with affinity: four of them (42, 41, 36 and 34 years) Roberto Angelini's sons and three (42) , 33 and 31), the eldest children of Patricia Angelini. This number will end when your parents die.

Morning papers add that the same nieces and grandchildren and their parents receive all four for free (25%) from widowed assets. Meanwhile, Roberto and Patricia Angelini will receive the participation (four-sevenths for the first and third-seventh for the second) as fiduciary administrators (for life) and their respective children will become the final owners.

Added to this, will show that "It is forbidden to alienate or burden in any way this inheritance quota", unless this operation occurs with the nieces of other grandchildren. This limit it will be maintained until December 31, 2034, the date on which Angelini's Inversiones ends.

Likewise, Noseda – including one of the five richest women in the country, with wealth estimated by Forbes in 2008 of US $ 1,000 million – He inherited 25% of his assets to the Angelini Foundation in his will, one for the concept would receive "the characteristics of the Cardonal denomination and the Slopes with all their belongings, and those in Santo Domingo commune", which includes the right of water (400 liters per second) from the Maipo river.

The entity will have a direct relationship with the Careno Foundation and both will contribute to various entities, notably UC, Belén Educa, Cristo Vive Corporation, Jesus Son, Hogar de Cristo and create competitive funds to finance social work up to $ 20 million each.


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