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an open exhibition to enjoy beer

Even though beer parties are usually held in big places outside Santiago, like Malloco, it's fair Chile, the brewing country That will be done in the city, in the city center Holley General Walk, at the exit Metro Los Leones.

It was the place chosen by the Chilean Brewers Association to make this party, which would bring together several factories.

If you like good beer, try it Saturday, December 1, between 12 PM and 10 PM, in the pedestrian area of ​​Providencia, where you will find beer shops like Kross, Tübinger, and Volcanes del Sur, among others.

They will 14 brands installed there, they will offer their best label directly from the barrel, which you can taste and drink.

Although the entrance to the Chile is fair, the country of brewing is free, to try the beer you have to buy glass ($ 5,000)that including three tastingsin one of the stands.

To drink, everyone Schop will cost $ 2,500, regardless of variety.

Make use of everything you can think of the variety you are trying to, that in each position will be the founder or brewer of these brands.

To adjust the party rate, there will be a stage where during the day they will play live band.

What should you drink

All brands that will be present in Chile, the brewing country, will have different varieties available for drinking in the schop format, including several new things.

Go through the pulpit Tübinger, a special Pirque brewery in easy-to-drink beer, which will refresh Pale Ale and Red Ale, with reddish colors and 5.5 ° alcohol.

Cerveza del Puerto will arrive from Valparaíso, a micro factory that makes the label 100% natural products, without preservatives or additives.

What will they have in this exhibition? Beers like Amber Ale, with the aroma of red fruit and dried apricots, and Pale Ale, are very refreshing blonde hair.

If you want to drink in the south, look for a booth Southern Mountain, a brewery factory from the Maule Region that uses thermal origin mineral water.

Among the varieties that will be there are Summer Lucuma, a type of Lager with rich fruit and a sweet touch brought by this fruit.

And something to eat at the exhibition? Renovated Swedish restaurants will open later that day, including Paseo General Holley.

See here our guide with the locals that you should try there.

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