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An extraordinary post-Christmas prize received by Kel Calderón

Through his Instagram Stories, Kel Calderón released important news for him, when he received a big surprise after Christmas.

In the story, he shows that many balloons are left in front of the door, accompanied by a message saying that in three hours the prize will be at the reception. After this time, they gave him a small gift, which consisted of rain stars, but inside there was a surprise: the key.

Notifying every time, Kel points out when he comes out and meets his new Jeep wrangler, the model he says is to try the United States, and now the brand he was ambassador for seven years, decided to give him a new car

Finally, on his Instagram account, Kel Calderon openly thanked the Jeep, because they surprised him with an extraordinary post-Christmas gift.

"Today my house for 7 years @jeepchile made me a crazy Christmas present ?, I always fell in love with this Jeep (This is my third regulator) and I won't change it for other models, but the new regulator is a light year from the old one ( That's what we went to try to go to the United States in the middle of the year) !!!) and I was too happy !!! WILL YOU HELP ME ENTER YOUR NAME? ??❣️❣️ # AllNewJeepWrangler # OnlyInAJeep 2019 I will go for you ?, "wrote the law graduate.

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