Saturday , October 16 2021

An anecdote revealed how strong Ronda Rousey really was

When a warrior or warrior tells an anecdote about himself or about a partner always Very interesting because they are often stories that few people know. In many cases, they make us look a little further at them, parts of their lives or ways to become what they don't usually show.

At the beginning of last month, The Undertaker does this talking about Mark Henry.

"(…) One day, during the tour, we left the hotel and took a bus in the morning for a four-hour trip to another city. There's a time the bus does not have enough space to continue to circulate because the car prevents it. The owner was not there and we did not know what to do. (…) Then Mark Henry learned what happened: & # 39; I will fix it & # 39;. He left the bus (…) lifted the car and pulled it out of the way (…) ".


This time a strong person spoke, but he did it about Ronda Rousey, in Busted Open Radio:

"Maybe I shouldn't be telling this story, but I'll do it. I'm talking about accepting stem cells to help my flexor knees and hips. They operated on me and what they did was stabbed the hip bone and extracted the marrow. They make serum and inject it if necessary. They convinced me to do that to me. When I wake up, I feel very sick like an operation or an injury that I experienced.

"Then I heard that Ronda Rousey has done the same treatment, but without anesthesia. They pierced his hips and extracted stem cells when he woke up. It hurts, but he is able to do it. I can not do that. I woke up with so much pain that I asked the nurse to make me fall asleep again. And he's awake? That must be counted as one of the strongest people in the world"

Talking about anecdotes, former WWE wrestlers he did the same thing recently.

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