Amparo Noguera walks to Channel 13: "I am in talks"


Last December, Amparo Noguera actress was suddenly cut off from TVN. Soon the debate was opened about how a professional with a status like himself might be thrown out and, moreover, for the channel he had for 24 years.

That was the station's financial crisis and the lack of projects for the actors who were still employed came to the dance.

The sad scenario is that Tito Noguera's daughter has left, because since last week he shook the option to return to Channel 13, through the AGTV production company.

"Yes, I am in talks, but there is not yet," Amparo answered about the offer that appeared on the screen again where he took his first television step in the TV series "The Intruder", 1989.

Close to negotiations, they said that the actress analyzed the proposal very calmly. To receive it, he will meet again with an old acquaintance: director Vicente Sabatini, with whom he works on a long list of successful fiction from the golden age of "7".

The tail is abandoned

Noguera's departure made some of his permanent partners honest about their uncertain future work.

Pancho Reyes reveals that the object is colored ant in the signal and waits for the blue envelope at any time. His colleague Carolina Arregui talks about this situation in one sentence: "I feel like I get a salary that I don't deserve."

The controversy was starring Luis Gnecco, when he tried "old …" for Raquel ArgandoƱa and Paty Maldonado, for speaking – according to him – with bad intentions about the dismissal of his friend.

After several messages by the press, the fight ended with Gnecco apologizing to the women.


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