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Amazon set a sales record at Christmas

In the US alone, more than 1,000 million items are sent through services for Prime customers.

Amazon reported a Christmas season record, indicating that the decline in the stock market did not stop the optimism of American consumers.

The online retail giant said that "tens of millions of people worldwide" signed up for Perdana service, which offers free two-day delivery for millions of articles, as well as streaming video and music. In the US alone, more than 1,000 million items were sent free of charge using Perdana, Amazon said in a statement Wednesday.

The US started a big wave of holiday shopping, with consumers benefiting from increased employment and wages, which increased household cash flows. Consumers appear confident despite the recent decline in the S & P 500 index, the government closure entering the fifth day and trade tensions with China.

People buy "more millions" of Amazon devices themselves than last year, including new Echo Dot speakers and Fire TV devices, said the Seattle-based company. At the same time, Amazon said that more than 50% of goods sold in its stores came from small and medium-sized businesses.

Among the most popular items under the Christmas tree are L.O.L dolls. and Glam Glitter, Bose wireless headphones and Carhartt clothes and clothing. Other popular brands purchased through Amazon's Prime Wardrobe service, which allow consumers to fill boxes with selected items and return whatever they don't want, including Calvin Klein and Champion.

Amazon started a shopping frenzy with strength, with November Cyber ​​Monday already considered the biggest shopping day for companies in history. Along with the Christmas report, the image looks far more positive than Amazon had previously projected in its latest revenue results. In October, Amazon's estimated earnings and revenues for the holiday quarter were below analysts' estimates, as investors worried about the pace of Amazon's increased spending.

While Amazon has grown to almost every area of ​​the retail market, from medicines to food ingredients, the most profitable units are cloud computing and advertising. However, Amazon, which dominates electronic commerce in the US, relies on the growth of its members, who pay US $ 119 per year for this service. The latest estimates place customers below 100 million in the US. Amazon did not give Prime customers a new number on its statement on Wednesday, but said that millions of unique items in the US were shipped with Prime.

With the S & P 500 teetering on the edge of the "bear market" after the turbulent fourth quarter and worst December in more than a decade, Baird analyst Colin Sebastian classified the Amazon as one of the three best choices for investors. in case of a rebound. Amazon shares rose 2.8% in New York this morning. Securities have risen to near 19% this year, compared with an 11% decline in S & P.

If the Amazon Echo speaker is one of his best-selling products, it seems he has become a victim of his own success. Supported by Alexa, voice-activated software, smart devices seem overwhelmed by avalanches of new users at Christmas, according to reports consumers in the UK who ask Alexa to play music, turn on tree lights or read recipes for turkeys A very unsatisfactory response is "Sorry, I have difficulty understanding it now, "reports The Guardian.

A week before Christmas, stock of various models sold out in several Amazon online stores in North America and Europe.

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