Thursday , October 21 2021

Alexis Sánchez stands out at Manchester United


This Saturday, the Manchester United accept Crystal Palace at Old Trafford. Meanwhile Alexis Sánchez He did not enter as a starter, he did see action in the second fraction.

The match was as an assistant referee's protagonist, because on two occasions it annulled a goal that could provide temporary benefits to one of the two equipment.

Sometimes, the examination procedure becomes incorrect and he did not have a greater chance at the portico.

However, when football is developed in a good way, both archers responded with confidence in the demands of a tight duel.

José Mourinho, trainer "Red Devil", decided to provide a new aspect for the development of football in the middle of the field.

Surprised by the replacement of the French steering wheel Paul Pogbawho replaced by Alexis Sánchez from Chile, who joined the eleventh to form an ultra offensive scheme by the Portuguese coach who activated the opening of the account.

Chileans are very active in game development. He made at least two passes that could make a goal, but it was wasted by their teammates.

In addition, he fulfills a creative role that, sometimes, feels good. While he doesn't shoot into the goal, yes it interferes with the Crystal Palace's midfield it, attaching its counter-attack libretto as soon as possible, manages to survive with a draw in what is called "Dream Theater"

For now, Manchester United will accept the Young Boys on the new date of the UEFA Champions League preliminary round.

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