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Alex Zverev was surprised, swept Novak Djokovic and stayed with the Masters – 11/18/2018

Alex Zverev hit a big blow at the end of the tennis season. Germany shows a mandate to fight for the world's top ranking and clearly surpassed in the London Masters final, the best player in the world, Novak Djokovic, who until Sunday has not lost a set or suffered damage in the tournament.

He was 6-4 and 6-3 for the 21-year-old player, who was accepted by the Maestro with a large demonstration and revenge for the fall in the group stage against the same opponent. For Zverev, who still hasn't finished exploiting enough to overthrow the elite of the world rankings, is undoubtedly the best title of his short and very promising career.

Final development even during the first chapter. Djokovic suffered unexpectedly with his services, which have not been produced so far in the entire tournament. Although number 5 of the ranking – will be fourth from Monday, beating Juan Martin Del Potro – unable to take advantage of their opportunities.

Until the tenth game came and finally Zverev finally made use of his resting point. With the service, closed without great difficulty and finished closing the chapter thanks to Nole's long-lost rights. The first advantage is Germany.

As if this was not enough, at the start of the second set Zverev did not let Djokovic satisfied. And already in the first game he managed to break it on his second break point. Glory and surprise are closer.

But there is no sport like tennis to show the big role nerves can play in an athlete. And suddenly Zverev, who played the perfect game, began to fail. Three consecutive errors – including double mistakes – left him 15-40 down, and then served to give new life to number 1.

Will Djokovic find his way again? Looks don't exist. Because when he could go to victory, he again gave up his service, which changed from impossible to break before the match to a group of insecurities. Zverev has that word again.

Djokovic, who in an impressive recovery in 2018, has convinced himself until the end of this year number one of the ATP list a few weeks ago, and is looking for a win that gives him more than 500 points. If he succeeds, he will stretch the difference with Rafael Nadal to 2,065 units (he is more than 2,000 who gave Grand Slam titles, for example) and with a plus: he does not have a great appearance to be maintained at the beginning of next year.

Zverev, meanwhile, has won fourth place in Juan Martin Del Potro's ranking and if he wins it will be very close to Roger Federer, the third, who beat on Saturday. But the most important thing for him was that he would win his first Masters title, with only 21 years.

The German player is the youngest player to reach the season-ending tournament final since 2009 and the first German to reach it since 1996.

"Novak is currently the best player in the world," said Zverev, who fell into the hands of Serbian players in the robin round for a week. "You have to play at your best level to even have a chance, I hope to do it," he added.

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