Agostini fjord attractions are exhibited at a photography exhibition at the Regional Museum


Science and nature are concepts that come together in this presentation.

CThis is the focus of the exhibition "Fjord of Agostini, the Magellan fjord icon" which was inaugurated at the Regional Museum of Magallanes (Magallanes 949) and it will remain on display until December 15.

This exhibition was organized by Cequa Foundation, through Dr. Cristiane Carvalho, within the framework of the research project "Fjord of Agostini: the importance of science and tourism". This initiative was given in December 2017 by a scientific entity, in the Science Company Competition from the National Scientific and Technological Research Commission (Conicyt). Samples are financed with resources from the Magallanes Innovation Fund for Competitiveness (Fic) fund.

The exhibition consists of many pictures taken in April this year, which make visible the natural beauty of the area, but also explains the scientific work carried out by the team, moves through all the points in question, aboard the Forrest boat, belongs to Fitz Roy Expeditions . In the same way, research tools, videos and maps are exhibited, among other elements, related and used in travel.

As explained by Carvalho, exhibitions are held to provide different views of the work they do and are often ignored. He also explained that this was a way to publish sectors, which the community could not visit because of difficult access and costs.

Hoping to bring science to a new audience, those in charge of the exhibition invited the entire community to visit free samples.


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