After 27 years the missing version reappeared from Simcity for Nintendo


In January 1991 the SimCity prototype for Nintendo was launched at an electronic event, this beta called it somehow, never saw light and the game didn't reach the console until it was released on the Super Nintendo.

Now, after 27 years, you know the history behind this mysterious prototype.

According to Frank Cifaldi, founder of the Video Game History Foundation, through a publication, SimCity designer, Will Wright collaborated with the great Nintendo creator Shigeru Miyamoto to port games who went to the Nintendo console for computers.

Miyamoto, would definitely be interested in a game where everyone could create their world, so to find out the existence of SimCity (1989) for Commodore and Mac, decided to arrange a meeting with the creator of the title in Japan.

Although they initially announced SimCity for NES and SNES, the Nintendo version never materialized and finally came to Super Nintendo in April 1991.

Although the NES version was not launched if it appeared, even two cartridges flew around the world, one of which was in the hands of the Cifaldi organization, which They uploaded a copy of the ROM.

They also released gameplay videos, where you can see the display of the canceled game.

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