Adolfo Rubinstein: "We act quickly and the epidemic of hantavirus is being controlled"


Secretary of National Health, Adolfo Rubinstein, convinced that the blessing acted quickly the hantavirus outbreak "is being controlled" and announced that its portfolio and the Malaysian Institute would work to create "plasma for early detection of viruses".

After that in the last 47 days 14 people died of this disease (11 in Epuyén, Chubut)the official explained that there were various types of viruses: one affecting the northern region of the country, the other in the center and the third with a higher death rate. South Andes in Patagonia.

"Santa is endemic in Argentina, on average there are more than 100 annual cases reported. This is serious, it has a mortality rate of 20%, "Rubinstein continued.

And he clarified: "One thing is the Epuyén outbreak and the other is the case in Santa Fe or Buenos Aires province. This last case, 9, is environmental contact with long-tailed mice and occurs every year. "

The fundamental characteristic of the most dangerous strain is that it spreads from person to person. "The southern case reminds us of the outbreak that occurred in the year '96 in El Bolsón, where transmission among humans was first explained, what we think is that it has happened mutations in viruses that have modified transmission conditions"he explained.

Consult about the seriousness of the outbreak in the table Mirtha Legrand, Secretary of Health trying not to cause panic and informed that in places where outbreaks began at this time there were 95 isolated people to avoid the spread of transmission. "The last positive cases are all in isolation, which we believe is not infecting anyone," he added.


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