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A 20-year-old young man was arrested for male crime in central Santiago

The North Central Prosecutor's Office in the Metropolitan area manages a second preventive detention from Colombia which participated in a series of armed robberies that took place on the morning of last Wednesday and where they killed a man in the downtown area of ​​Santiago.

The Public Ministry has charged allegations of robbery with murder, two robberies that met the requirements and one with intimidation to 20-year-old Colombian, Jorge Carabali, who is also a cousin of his compatriot who was also arrested by police and involved in this crime.

The cause was prosecutor Liliana Machuca, who had to clarify the modus operandi of the two Colombian cousins, who carried out a series of attacks with knives on Wednesday between damaged roads and the streets of San Diego and where they killed the Chilean citizen. , Elías Barros, 58, who carabali was seriously injured with a white weapon.

It is worth mentioning that this Colombian, who is now accused of robbery with murder, lives irregularly in the country and has previously been arrested for drug trafficking in 2017.

The sub-prefect Carlos Albornoz of the PDI Assassination Brigade, said that after the investigation had been carried out, Carabali participated directly in four crimes: robbery with murder, two violent robbery crimes and one robbery crime with intimidation.

Meanwhile, the Chilean body Elías Barros was transferred to the city of Linares for each funeral.

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