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6 tips for maintaining fitness that we provide in 2018 and which will continue to be useful next year – BBC News

A glass more, a second dish and even a third not to hate grandma and the remnants of Christmas that can't end up in the trash and also know better days later …

All of this helps many of us add a few pounds to our weight at year-end parties.

But don't worry. With a little discipline, You can get fit again with some practical tips that we provided during 2018.

And if you are one of the lucky ones who doesn't care about weight, remember that exercise is not only good for your body but also for your brain and your mental health.

So, continue reading this recommendation:

High intensity interval training: effective, but carefully

They are the bets of many gyms around the world.

Some research on the effectiveness of high intensity interval training highlights the benefits offered to organisms, as well as alertness risks that arise when making it, especially if it's not done right.

Women run with jogging treadmills
Physical effort is key in interval training.

other than that They are not suitable for anyone, especially for those who present medical prerequisites.

Interval training is a period of many physical attempts (between 80% and 90% of the maximum individual heart rate) followed by recovery time, a sequence that is repeated several times in one session.

The BBC's Max Mosley, who specializes in medical matters, explains that the advantage of high intensity intervals is that the body is subjected to such demanding work, the body continues to work after completing the training to try to return to normal state.

This process is known as homeostasis, which is responsible for maintaining the right conditions in every cell that forms the human body.

And even a few hours later, in the recovery phase, metabolism is still active because of the impact of exercise High intensity in increasing insulin sensitivity, which controls the amount of glucose absorbed by cells.

If you dance happily, running and jumping is none of your business, this is a choice

There are many people who for different reasons cannot start doing high intensity exercise routines, but that does not mean they have to be content with a little.

A man does tai chi
Even without sudden movements, tai chi also makes the heart work.

This year, at BBC Deportes, we ask ourselves: Can Taichi be as effective as Zumba?

And with the help of the BBC program "Believe me, I'm a doctor", we found that although Taichi is seen as a discipline without intensity, the reality is that finally it becomes more demanding than it seems.

Jet Veldhuijzen van Zanten, a professor of biological psychology, said: "We found that doing a Tai Chi session offers an increase in the same heart rate with moderate intensity exercise."

"Even though it doesn't feel as difficult when someone makes movements faster, the heart works just as hard"

"That means benefits for the health of blood vessels and makes them more elastic," he added.

Taichi session
Taichi is a thousand-year martial arts born in China.

The professor led a study with scientists from the University of Birmingham, England, where they participated volunteers between 65 and 75 years old that they don't exercise regularly.

Divided into two groups, one is assigned a Zumba class routine aimed at parents, while another is assigned a Tai Chi session.

The conclusion, said the expert, is that people shouldn't care if they don't sweat or think that it's not worth the effort if they can't do more severe training.

Before launching yourself to do dozens of sit-ups, read this

Who hasn't done it yet? A classic exercise for returning your back to the ground, with your feet pulled up and lifting your suitcase, which is known as in English sit ups.

Women are in a position to do crunches
In crunch, you don't need to remove the bottom of the floor column.

But its effectiveness has been placed under a microscope for a reason: it was found that this routine is one of the most ineffective exercises for the abdominal muscles since people often run it wrong, up the body until it touches the knee.

"By removing the floor column, the work we do in the abdomen is transferred to the internal muscles such as the hip muscles," Spanish physical coach Juan Francisco Marco told the BBC.

"This causes increased inguinal pressure and also problem is generated, because of overwork, at the lumbar level"

Marco suggests "looking for exercises that focus on the abdominal muscles, rectus abdominis, like precarious or curlyWhere there is a shrinkage of the stem and also works together with the abdominal muscles, which are the lateral muscles. "

that precarious this is an exercise that resembles the initial position sit-ups, but it is different that one does not have to remove the ground lumbar column to produce stem shrinkage.

Be careful what you do

Marco recommends Avoid two versions of abdominal exercise very popular

A man does crunch
With lumbar and back problems, it is important to ask for medical or special advice.

One of them is lifting the leg from the floor, while lying on your back and moving upwards, because "this is an exercise that involves more hip flexor muscles and fewer stomachs."

This exercise still more dangerous when a variant is made where a person is lying down, his feet are lifted in the air and they throw their feet on the ground, they must stop them on their path before they make contact.

"That's too much because there is a very serious risk of excessive lumbar hyperordosis, which results in disc hernias," Marco said.

Another exercise is bicycle exercise: "What happens is people emphasize that it shows a lot of things in the lower abdomen, but that's where the flexor muscles pass and confuse the work of this area with the stomach."

Five minutes in five minutes you can also go far

According to the World Health Organization, middle-aged adults should Do at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic exercise a week

A woman climbs the stairs
Climbing the ladder of your job can be a good choice.

The WHO Board will divide that time into half-hour sessions a day, but for most people that time is too much and it is impossible to be accommodated in daily routines.

Taking into account this reality, the BBC program "Believe me, I am a doctor" (Believe me, I am a doctor) increases the possibility that instead of doing half an hour of continuous training is not that time was divided into five minute small sessions which can be done at different times of the day.

The question that arises is whether by spreading the exercise the same benefits as everything in one block will be achieved.

For this, the experiment was conducted with a group volunteers who do physical activity are far less than recommended and that in the long run they run the risk of suffering from health problems.

Women stretch their bodies in the office
Every time you are in good condition to rest and do a few minutes of practice.

The results concluded that the average participant reduce sugar and blood fat by up to 40% During the days you exercise, exercise has continued or spread.

This confirms the results of other studies that are of greater magnitude and offer an alternative for people who don't have half an hour to exercise, but has a five minute period.

One of two ways to exercise will get the same benefits.

And if what you want is a better age …

Since the age of 30, the natural decline in the strength of our muscles and bones begins. That is why exercises to strengthen muscles and bones and activities for balance are fundamental.

In fact, reports from the UK health agency together with the Center for a Better Aging qualify this exercise as "Forgotten guide" of health.

This report recommends:

  • resistance training, such as lifting or using your own weight
  • game with a racketlike tennis, ping pong or badminton
  • dance
  • game with balls
  • walking or walking Nordic (with a stick)

We remind you that is important before starting any exercise regularly check with your doctor if you need to take precautions.


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