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2020 will bring big changes to Pokémon GO –

Pokemon GO This is one of the titles for mobile devices with more consistency in the market, achieving income and player numbers in the third year of their lives, as high as originally achieved in 2016 when it became a viral phenomenon.

This constant success speaks very well not only to the Pokémon series or also Pokemon GO, but also from well-known developers Niantic, who have gradually heard the advice of the community and implemented changes that cover the basic needs of the players.

Changes to Pokemon GO since launch

Pokemon GO come to market offering gameplay catch Pokemon which we all know and love, but with one premise: augmented reality. Players can go out to explore and capture Pokemon over and over again to increase your statistics and even develop them, and thus continue to improve your statistics.

This mechanic was initially fun and entertaining, as in every Pokemon title. However Pokédex the players are formed, Pokemon GO it becomes a game that is repeatable and generic without doing much other than throwing Pokeballs for repetitive artificial intelligence. Many noticed and immediately left the ship, so interest in applications began to decline.

Niantic He decided to take action on this issue and dedicate himself to listening to the criticism of the players, who demanded more interaction activities with other coaches, in addition to other types of uses for Pokemon was arrested. That's how the developer started working on some features that came to the game especially in 2018 and 2019; and many others will continue to arrive in 2020.

Some great features from Pokemon GO which originated at that time and which we are accustomed to today, including gifts and exchanges with friend; that battle against other trainers nearby; that raid battle and Legendary Pokemon; appearance points Specific; and event / task which unites the whole community.

Other features also arrived like Pokemon GO Snapshot to take pictures; that dynamic weather; possibility replace equipment; that Variety Pokémon; special investigation; new Generation of Pokemon; and even the criminal organization version of the series called GO Rocket Team. Of course, this development is accompanied by improvements in the overall application experience and bug fixes. Even so, the title Niantic He still has a long way to go.

Pokemon GO will receive major changes in 2020

Still not happy to register in August 2019 the best numbers Pokemon GO since its launch in 2016, Niantic He recently published a message addressed to the public to explain how lucky they felt to be able to accept suggestions for the application, while explaining the importance of continuing to modify existing functions.

The company aims to offer "the best experience" to individual players around the world, so it has conducted tests "how to provide more objects in areas with less Poképaradas, introduce different lots in the store and adjust the attack rate to the community ». The latest is "the time of legendary attacks," which received good reception from the public.

In your message, Niantic have stated it immediately Pokemon GO You will not only receive more changes to the features that are already available, but also a "big release" of new features, which will be based on suggestions from fans who keep coming.

One of the great new features that we can expect in 2020 is GO Fighting League, a new proposal for a coach battle that adds the possibility of facing players "from all corners of the world" to move up the ranks in the league. This online battle aims to offer a more "competitive and accessible" experience for a greater number of players.

Another function that is waiting for us is Niantic Wayfarer, a program where players will be able to rate points of interest from their location so Niantic I can add it somehow in Pokemon GO. The specific operation has not been detailed, but we know that it will be expanded little by little.

The developer has promised many other new features, but we don't have the details yet. However, taking into account the steps that have been taken in recent years and the characteristics that have been confirmed, 2020 aims to be one of the most important years for Pokemon GO.

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