14,259 people were bitten by dogs in 2018 in the Metropolitan area


Seremi de Salud reports that during 2018, 14,259 people were bitten by dogs in the Metropolitan area.

According to the La Tercera report, this figure is 23% higher than that registered in 2017, when the number of attacks reached 11,587.

Of the more than 14 thousand registered cases last year, 4,291 were compatible with home dogs and 9,968 for street dogs.

Metropolitan Health Services, Rosa Oyarce, stated that the increase in the number of cases was due to the fact that victims reported more types of events, and that there was better notification of health services.

In the same line, he explained that "this year we are working on a pilot plan for online notifications, which will give us data in real time. For this reason, greater attention must be given to the population of the subject," said La Tercera.

Oyarce provides recommendations before the bite, such as cleaning the affected area with soap and water, to prevent infection, and visiting health centers to treat victims.

Also, investigate the origin of the attacking dog, to determine whether it is necessary to apply five doses of rabies vaccine.

Finally, he suggested to avoid being bitten by dogs but, like: not to change or scare dogs; stay away when the animal is upset; don't move in front of a dog without a rope; and consult with the pet owner before stroking, to find out if he is friendly or not.

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