WhatsApp launched a new wallpaper option

[ad_1] December 06 2020-11: 12 – By DRAFTING Option to customize WhatsApp chat wallpaper one by one, a function available from next Tuesday, MADRID-. What is wrong improved options for customizing money from screen Chat individually, a feature available from next Tuesday, along with more innovation in terms of colors for the background that the … Read more

They discovered for the first time in comets the last key element of life on Earth

[ad_1] Potentially water-soluble phosphorus, which would have played a key role in the origin of biological molecules, is found in the internal coma of comet 67P / Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Scientists at the University of Turku (Finland) have discovered solid phosphorus in comet dust, as announced in their study just published in the academic journal Monthly Notices … Read more

12 million toys arrived for the boys and girls of the country

[ad_1] The Minister of Popular Power for National Trade, Eneida Laya, took delivery of 12 million toys on Thursday at the Puerto Cabello Warehouse, located in Carabobo state. He reported that the toys will be distributed through the Government in coordination with the Community Council and the Local Production and Supply Committee (CLAP). “We comply … Read more

Daniella Álvarez: My right foot won’t work anymore (+ video)

[ad_1] “Examination showed very subtle injuries of the knee down and the tibia and fibular nerves were completely damaged,” said the model. The Colombian model, Daniella Álvarez, is still stronger than ever, trying to overcome the hurdles that life has placed on her. Part of his left leg was also amputated a few months ago. … Read more