THE FIRST STEP TO IMMORTALITY: Elon Musk is looking for an expert to work on a chip to connect the brain to a computer!

[ad_1] Will you interfere? Izvor: Mondo / YouTube / Neuralink / TED Namely, the company owned Ilona’s mask later announced that they had created a robot that could integrate implants to interact with computers deep into the human brain. The latest news suggests that the chip is not ready yet, as the company is looking … Read more

UNCLE OF A DEAD BOY FOR “NOVOSTI”: Gas boiler is not a cause of death – We celebrate his birthday in October, now we are preparing for his funeral (PHOTO)

[ad_1] The Emergency Service Team called by the father and brother did not succeed in rescuing the boy, and the “Srbija Gas” team inspected the house on Sunday morning and found that the gas boiler was correct, claims the uncle of victim MT. – This morning, just before four o’clock, the team from “Serbia Gas” … Read more

$ 3 billion in 12 months

[ad_1] Thanks to the success of another Call of Duty game, this time Black Ops Cold War, Activision boasts an incredible income. Source: Sunday, 6/12/2020 | 10:00 Photo: Getty Images, Imeh Akpanudosen / Stringer Call of Duty franchises have made more than $ 3 billion over the past 12 months, a record figure for … Read more

One of the biggest biological mysteries “largely solved” with the help of artificial intelligence – BBC News in Serbia

[ad_1] One of the biggest mysteries in biology has been largely solved with the help of artificial intelligence, say experts. Predicting how proteins fold into unique three-dimensional shapes has puzzled scientists for half a century. Deep Mind, a London lab that uses artificial intelligence, has solved most of these problems, said organizers of an extraordinary … Read more