Haruma Miura cried … The benefactor spoke of the tears seven months before his death. | The woman herself

[ad_1] Acting with my best friend Shohei Miura / (C) 2020 “Tomoatsu Godai” Production Committee “He’s agile and limber in place. On screen and in place. I’ve heard before that he’s a very gentle person, but he’s smart.” Film director Mitsutoshi Tanaka (62) shared his memories with Haruma Miura (30 years) who died in July … Read more

“Degassing” of New Car Sales in the Mid-2030s All Becomes “Electric Cars” –NHK NEWS WEB

[ad_1] “Degassing” All new car sales in the mid-2030s become “electric cars”NHK NEWS WEB The government bans the sale of new petrol cars in the mid-2030s Against movements in Europe, the United States and the China-Mainichi ShimbunMainichi Shimbun When buying a car in the future, 60% will consider something other than pure petrol cars According … Read more

“Filled with popularity No. 1, No. 2, No. 3” Another dimension of the Almond Eye dazzling in the battles of the century (President Online) –Yahoo! News

[ad_1] “Filled with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd popularity” Different dimensions of almond eyes dazzling in the battles of the century (President Online)Yahoo! News “Filled with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd popularity” Almond eyes dazzled in the battles of the century became a famous horse that will be remembered and recorded.PRESIDENT Online Japanese C3 mare 3 crown … Read more

“Finally debut!》 Perfect leader MAKO, existence like MAYA’s mother …… Complete explanation of“ NiziU ”members’ charms (Bunharu Online) ――Yahoo! News ――Yahoo!

[ad_1] “Finally debut!》 Perfect Leader MAKO, Existence Like MAYA …… Complete Explanation of” Nizi U “Member’s Charm (Bunharu Online) –Yahoo!Yahoo! News Fans were confused by the “9 dance video” with NiziU and Mihi participating!Enter MEGA NiziU is excited to make his debut with the message “Please wait” and “9 photos / videos” from resting Mihi.Press … Read more