Exit for Mareile Höppner: This “king” is behind the doll – TV

[ad_1] Friday night is time for the second issue of “Pretty in Plüsch”. Saturday 1: Celebrities perform with professional singers who lend their voices to a doll. Whoever gets the least audience votes must leave the show and reveal the identity of their puppet. Last week Ingolf Lück (62) and former Spicegirl Melanie C (46) … Read more

Now sooner than expected!

[ad_1] Can I still buy or pre-order the PS5? On 19. November appear PlayStation 5 and the current wave of sales disappeared in an instant. This is what the current situation looks like! That first, the second, third and 3.5 sales waves of the PS5 ended in an instant, much to the chagrin of many … Read more

This blood group has a lower risk of disease – healing practices

[ad_1] What effect does this blood group have on the risk of disease caused by COVID-19. (Image: angellodeco / Adobe.Stock.com) Can blood type protect against COVID-19? People with blood group 0 seem to develop COVID-19 less frequently than people with other blood types. This observed correlation illustrates that blood type can be a protective factor … Read more

Saxony-Anhalt: CDU caught in the AfD trap

[ad_1] Saxony-Anhalt: CDU is in the AfD trap | tagesschau.de Status: 04.12.2020 10:32 pm With the dismissal of the interior minister, the Prime Minister of Saxony-Anhalt Haseloff managed to break free. But the main problem remains: the CDU has maneuvered into a nearly hopeless situation. Comment by Kristin Schwietzer, ARD Capital Studio It was a … Read more

“Pretty in Plush” -Aus for Mareile Höppner! He’s the doll

[ad_1] It’s been sung again for this star! Tonight, the second of a total of four Pretty in Plush shows flickering on the TV screen: Jessica Paszka (30), Mareile Höppner (43), Massimo Sinató (40), Janine Kunze (46) and Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht (28) compete each other with their luxurious partner. All of these duos delivered quite … Read more

Bundesliga – Hertha against Union in the live ticker: The wild derby! Awoniyi met

[ad_1] 46. ​​MinutesSubstitution for Lucas Tousart Javairô Dilrosun 46. ​​MinutesBruno Labbadia changed clothes twice during the break. Vladimir Darida remains in the cabin. Instead, Krzysztof Piatek is now playing. In the Berlin derby, Hertha BSC trailed 1-0 against 1. FC Union at half-time. The second of three shots on goal to be recorded statistically brought … Read more

Ominses Memo: Mill rumors boil over: Will more new Apple products come Tuesday? | message

[ad_1] Share in this article ?? MacRumors report on sent memo ?? An unpleasant new hardware product is being prepared ?? AirPods Studio or AirTags coming? MacRumours has sparked the rumors: According to the portal, Apple itself released information about the new product on Tuesday. Memos with information about new products? Accordingly, the company will … Read more