After a demonstration of “lateral thinking” was banned in Bremen: the Berlin Senate will “carefully read” the verdict of the Federal Constitutional Court – Berlin

[ad_1] One will look at this assessment very carefully in Berlin. For weeks, the “lateral thinking” movement has mobilized from critics of the political pandemic, conspiracy theorists and coronavirus deniers to the “Mega Adventist Demonstration” in the Hanseatic city of Bremen. Up to 20,000 attendees have registered with the police for the event on Saturday … Read more

Second anniversary thriller: »crime scene« in Munich under rapid examination – DER SPIEGEL

[ad_1] Thriller second anniversary: ​​»crime scene« in Munich under rapid examinationGLASS “Tatort: ​​In der Familie”: This is an interesting part of the anniversary Tatort: ​​In der Familie II (ARD): plot, location, and actors of the second episodeGiessen General «Tatort»: It’s not the dead who pay high pricesThe New Zurich Times “Tatort” today on Sunday: … Read more

The Samsung smartwatch is heavily discounted on Sundays!

[ad_1] We show you today’s best deals and which online shops you can find cheap today. Even after Cyber ​​Week and Black Friday there are great Christmas discounts and gifts. Right now the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is a bargain at Otto and Media Markt. Brand new Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Today there are great … Read more

The protective effect via vitamin D? Preventing vitamin D deficiency – healing practice

[ad_1] What effect does vitamin D deficiency have on COVID-19? (Image: Michail Petrov / Does vitamin D protect against coronavirus? Whether vitamin D can protect against illness with COVID-19 is controversial. The following article summarizes previous findings regarding the protective effects of vitamin D in relation to the coronavirus. Vitamin D deficiency is widespread … Read more

Revolution at Lidl: Discounters test new fireworks sales – CHIP Online Germany

[ad_1] Revolution at Lidl: The price suppressor tests sales of new fireworksCHIP Online Germany Lidl: Fireworks sale – The discounter’s surprise with a revolutionary New service: Fireworks sale: That’s changing at Revolution in Lidl: The discount giant is testing sales of new fireworks for the first timeCHIP Online Germany Lidl: The discount giant … Read more