Japan Space Agency Highlights Return of Asteroid Samples to Earth | Technology

[ad_1] That Japanese space agency This week congratulates the arrival of an asteroid sample to Earth, collected by the spacecraft Hayabusa-2 during an unprecedented mission. A capsule containing a valuable sample, taken from a distant asteroid, reached Earth after being thrown by the probe. Scientists hope that the sample, up to 0.1 gram of material, … Read more

Important advances in cancer treatment at Chivilcoy

[ad_1] The Chivilcoy radiation center was recently activated. It is located at 171 rue Vicente Loveira and is intended for radiation oncology treatment. The building has been constructed to all relevant standards and qualifications. Dr. Mario Dinucci is the Center’s medical director and, in dialogue with LA RAZON, argues that the machine we are integrating … Read more

RN “pololea” Andrea Molina as Candidate for Mayor of Viña del Mar: “Not Resolved” | National

[ad_1] Francisco Chahuán and Andrea Molina | pers conference visit The important meeting between senators and RN Regional President, Francisco Chahuán, deputy Andrés Celis, Raúl Celis and candidates for chairman of the city park city, serves to close positions and determine the schedule of commitments, if they have the full support of ChileVamos. “The problem … Read more

“A month my little prince”: Coté López shows on social networks how his grandson has grown

[ad_1] “A month My Little Prince”: Coté López shows on social networks how his grandson grew | Chile Publimetro Push Notifications Enable push notifications to stay up to date with Publimetro.cl Close Turn on notifications Push Notifications So you can unlock notifications: Close Instagram One month after becoming a grandmother, María José “Coté” López shows … Read more

Bitcoin is successful on PayPal and 17% of users have purchased cryptocurrency through this platform

[ad_1] PayPal’s buying and selling of Bitcoin (BTC) has been successful in the United States since the platform started trading cryptocurrency in early November 2020. According to a PayPal user survey by Mizuho Securities, 17% of them have bought BTC through the platform. Additionally, 65% of respondents said they would use Bitcoin as payment for … Read more

Nuevo tráiler de Medal of Honor Above and Beyond

[ad_1] It doesn’t make sense to question the fact that the Call of Duty saga dominated, at least, the last decade of the FPS genre, at least in terms of multiplayer combat. But there was not too long a time when the Medal of Honor franchise was a worthy exponent of the war FPS until … Read more

Female doctors in the US are promoted less than men

[ad_1] The origin of the call Carme Valls Llobet You don’t have to seek it out by being the daughter of a doctor – influencing – but in something much more intimate: her periods are very painful. Understanding the menstrual cycle that gave him a bad life didn’t just make him an avid endocrinologist. It … Read more

Yellow alert was issued due to intense activity of the Villarrica Volcano

[ad_1] That Villarrica volcano was recorded intense activity on this Saturday afternoon for what has been set yellow warning by emergency agencies. Monitoring #Alert Yellow for the Villarrica, Pucón and Curarrehue communes in the La Araucanía Region and the Panguipulli communes in the Los Ríos Region due to the volcanic activity of the Villarrica volcano. … Read more

Amber Heard could join Margot Robbie in the Pirates of the Caribbean reboot

[ad_1] For at least three years now, Johnny Depp’s fans have seen their idol’s reputation take a scandal over his failed marriage to Amber Heard. After lawsuits against newspapers Sunwho dubbed him a “handcuff hitter”, the jury judged the actor to be sufficiently evident, as a result of which he was fired from Fantastic Beasts … Read more