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These are the first 50 hospitals in the UK to receive the coronavirus vaccine

[ad_1] Vaccines will be given to vulnerable age groups first. (Getty) The first 50 hospitals to distribute coronavirus vaccines across the UK in the coming weeks have been announced. As part of the government’s planned vaccine rollout, injections will be given to high-risk patients in 50 hospitals initially before they become available at other centers. … Read more

Liberal MPs demand face-to-face meeting with Michael O’Brien

[ad_1] The email, sent by Brighton Member of Parliament James Newbury, was co-signed by Member of Parliament Polwarth Richard Riordan, Member of West Metropolitan Parliament Beverley McArthur, Member of North Metropolitan Parliament Craig Ondarchie and Member of Parliament Hastings Neale Burgess. All MPs are seen as opponents of Mr O’Brien. Load “Today, the State Government … Read more

Royals will be among the recipients of the UK’s first vaccine – Daily Telegraph

[ad_1] Royals will be among the first UK vaccine recipientsDaily Telegraph The Queen and Prince Phillip will get a vaccine for COVID-19 in the coming weeksNEWS.com.au Queen Elizabeth of the UK will get the COVID-19 vaccine ‘in a few weeks’: Report – The Jakarta PostJakarta Post Speculation is that the Queen acknowledged Prince William and … Read more

Lisa Wilkinson apologizes for the insult

[ad_1] Lisa Wilkinson was forced to apologize after taking a naughty stance at water hosties in a segment about a recent quarantine error. That Project Week Hosts grill infectious disease expert Robert Booy about the latest case of NSW’s coronavirus, a hotel worker believed to have caught the virus from a US flight crew. Lisa … Read more

Chang’e-5: China’s unmanned spacecraft sends samples to an orbiting spacecraft | Science

[ad_1] A Chinese spacecraft carrying samples from the lunar surface has successfully docked a lunar orbiting spacecraft, in another first for the country, state media reported. The maneuvers on Sunday are part of the ambitious Chang’e-5 mission – named after the Chinese moon goddess myth – to bring back the first sample of the moon … Read more

China is preparing to launch a vaccine for COVID-19 on a large scale

[ad_1] Provincial governments across China are placing orders for domestically made experimental coronavirus vaccines, although health officials have not said how well they are working or how they can reach the country’s 1.4 billion people. The main point: Chinese producer Sinopharm said it applied for final market approval for its vaccine in November The government … Read more