Tension on table: Fima Flrez scolding Patricia Bullrich in midair

[ad_1] In the last broadcast Mirtha night, Juana Viale receive great guests on mesaza. Together with him they share the night on the screen eltrece president of the PRO, Patricia bullrich; actress and comedian Ftima Flrez; sports journalist Horacio Pagani and the actors Mauricio Dayub. One of the most stressful moments of the evening was … Read more

Transfer Payments 3.0 will start operating this Monday at 50,000 merchants

[ad_1] The first phase of the national Transfer Payment System 3.0, an initiative launched by the Central Bank, will start operating tomorrow in 50,000 businesses as a tool that will integrate all e-wallets and banking applications, to increase digital payments and promote greater inclusion. financial institutions in the country. Transfer 3.0 will enable, within one … Read more

Centurión and Almada testified as witnesses in the abuse case

[ad_1] Thiago Almada Y Ricardo Centurion appeared at the San Isidro prosecutor’s office to testify as a witness in a case where the alleged sexual abuse of a 28-year-old girl was investigated in a meeting in a fifth house rented by Juan Martín Lucero. “Both Almada and Centurión testified as witnesses and told of everything … Read more

China’s Moon probe completes its first docking in lunar orbit | China

[ad_1] Chang’e-5 transfers the samples collected on the moon in the first maneuver carried out by a Chinese spacecraft. China’s Chang’e-5 spacecraft has successfully maneuvered remotely controlled encounter and docking in lunar orbit, according to China’s National Space Administration. In the first maneuver ever undertaken by a Chinese spacecraft, the Chang’e-5 ascender on Sunday transferred … Read more

WhatsApp adds three new and long-awaited functions: what is it and how do I activate it? | Chronic

[ad_1] Since December, users What is wrong, the most important messaging platform in the world, starting from December 3rd new features that are highly anticipated by users, including improved wallpapers, animated sticker packs from the World Health Organization (WHO) and a new search tool. Custom Wallpaper Now on WhatsApp you can create wallpaper for all … Read more

Female doctors in the US promote less than men

[ad_1] A study conducted by Joy McCann Professor of Women in Medicine from the University of Kansas and American University Women’s Association has shown that woman who graduated from medicine they have unlikely from ending up as full professors or department heads in North American medical schools. That the results of this study has been … Read more

Alberto Fernández’s leadership method caused discomfort among his collaborators

[ad_1] Alberto Fernández with his cabinet Source: AFP An imposing driving style Alberto Fernandez began to cause discomfort within his cabinet. Will complete the first year of management, For the first time, internal complaints were heard over the irregular – sometimes anarchist – radio system that the President implemented. The latest incident with the chancellor … Read more

It’s the doctor. Sergio Berni spoke of Diego Maradona’s death: “The last years were torture”

[ad_1] The Buenos Aires Minister of Security spoke about the health of Ten People Credits: TV Catch Minister of Security for the province of Buenos Aires, Sergio Berni, He refers this Saturday to Diego Maradona’s death and is categorical about Ten’s health: “The last years have been torment.” “I met Diego, I have the privilege … Read more