Azadaputra & # 39; Don Samad & # 39; will choose rice!

[ad_1] After the success of the Sunamganj-3 (Jagannathpur-South Sunamganj) constituency, boat ministers were nominated for several national elections, the first foreign minister from independent Bangladesh, Awami League leader Azizul Samad Azad Dawn from End National Janat leader Alhajj Abdus Samad Azad don. On November 20, he was almost certain that he would be revoked this … Read more

Why did former 10 military officers go to public forums?

[ad_1] The former 10 military officials joined the rally on Monday afternoon. Photo: NTV Related news To bring stability to the country through fair elections, retired 10 military officers have joined Ganoforma, one of the front groups of national unity. Today, in the capital of Motijheel, ganoforama president Dr. They officially joined the team through … Read more

Soldiers ready to face man-made disasters: Commander of the Army | | Ctg Times

[ad_1] The army is ready to face man-made disasters: Commander of the Army <! – -> <! – -> Published: 018-11-18 14:45:27 || Update: 018-11-18 14:45:27 Army Commander General Aziz Ahmed said the army was always ready to carry out the responsibility of protecting state sovereignty and dealing with man-made disasters. Speaking as the main … Read more

Reasonable fair income tax –

[ad_1] On Saturday, as well as taxpayers on Saturday, the presence of taxpayers on the capital of Bailey Road The Club Club exhibition is spread around the exhibition venue. Thousands of taxpayers submit income tax returns to the channel. This time Like all taxpayers and taxpayers, youth are also present at the exhibition. Nestle Bangladesh … Read more