You can now fight the Xenomorph Queen Alien at Monster Hunter World •


Tired of banging you through the same old giant at Monster Hunter World? Want more difficult challenges? Well now, thanks to an active modder, you can take a "perfect organism", Xenomorph Queen from the Alien franchise.

This frightening addition to the already ferocious Monster Hunter World is the work of the UberGrainy PC modder (as seen by dsogaming) and is actually a substitute for the model for Elder Dragon Xeno jiiva, the last boss of the World story mode. And even though the changes are almost entirely cosmetic, it's undoubtedly very suitable – as you can at the 52-second mark below.

PC players who want to inject the alien Alien saliva into their game, given the lack of official mod support for Monster Hunter World on Steam, need to roll up their sleeves and take a few manual steps to make it work. Luckily, installing Xenomorph mod is no more complicated than downloading and then copying some files to the Monster Hunter World directory. Complete instructions can be found on NexusMods.

The Xenomorph mod, perhaps surprisingly, is one of only a few creature replacement mods currently available for Monster Hunter World on PC – although species retexture seems to be a little more general. However, it is possible to replace Nergigante with Thomas the Tank Engine (also thanks to UberGrainy), which, to be honest, will be the most difficult.


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