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Apart from sales figures, the Xbox One and its exclusive brands have a big influence on the Sony PlayStation.

Not only did the two companies react to what others did, but they also seemed to have a higher impact.

And news about events like this were shared this week, including the Xbox One and PS4 brands.

A former Naughty Dog employee has illuminated how important the two companies are to each other.

In a new interview with Ars Technica, indie developer Lucas Pope revealed how Gears of War helped form the Uncharted series.

Talk about the impact Gears have on Uncharted control systems and overall mechanics, the Pope told Ars Technica:

"One of the cool things about Uncharted 1 is, we don't know what we are doing," Pope explained.

"Uncharted I was announced, and then Gears [of War] come out … "Dan Gears found a modern third-person shooter."

According to Pope, Uncharted began with Tomb Raider feelings, "Suddenly, Gears came out and showed them how to do it," he added.

"So we changed everything, six months before the release."

Uncharted 4 is one of the best-selling first-party titles for PS4, and it seems that it won't be possible if it wasn't for this vital first step.

It is clear that various projects from competing companies can influence how things are done, and more news about it has recently been shared by Microsoft.

Mike Ybarra, Xbox Vice President recently shared his thoughts about VR, the technology that has been linked to the next Xbox.

Nothing was announced for the Xbox Two, though, it was hoped something like VR would be available for that.

IDC analyst Lewis Ward has supported Microsoft to begin support for Mixed Reality with the next generation of devices, even if they have pulled back support for the Xbox One X.

Ward told Gamingbolt: "Microsoft wants to be more likely for other Win10-based hardware and software providers.

"There's no reason the Xbox One X can't play the Windows Mixed Reality game right now. I'm not sure why Microsoft didn't pull the trigger, but they will most likely be in this space with the next generation console.

"The bottom line is that while many people are still using VR, I expect 2018 global spending on software not available, which is primarily games, on all platforms (consoles, PCs and mobile devices), to roughly double the total spending 2017, and end in the range of $ 1 billion this year. "

But only this week, Mike Ybarra, Xbox Vice President, revealed in a Twitter conversation that VR still lacked a killer application.

"No. Google Earth is cool but not even close to what is needed to make this technology valuable. Huh," he tweeted.

Ybarra's impressive new technology is the upcoming HDMI upgrade, with Yabarra telling its followers: "HDMI 2.1 will be a great thing for game viewing.

"Bringing some real benefits (others too): 1) Dynamic HDR 2) Variable Refresh Rate 3) Automatic low latency mode 4) improved audio return channel 5) fast media transfer. All things we as players need! "

It is not clear whether these VR comments are something that reflects how things will move forward at Microsoft, or just observations about what is currently available.

The next Xbox console will not be launched the fastest in 2020, meaning there is plenty of time for improvement. The PlayStation VR has proven to be very popular on the PS4 and is something that helps separate the two consoles.

When it came to the Xbox in 2019, analysts believed that the Nintendo Switch and PS4 console would sell more than the Xbox One. The Nintendo Switch has been pegged to become the best-selling console this year, with more than 17 million units sold.

In comparison, a report by market research firm Strategy Analytics pegged sales of Xbox One by 10 million by 2019.

Chirag Upadhyay, Senior Analyst at Strategy Analytics, added, "The cycle of increasing consoles continues, and the three-way battle between Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, which has raged now for the best part of two decades, shows no signs of subsiding because each Platform owners discuss their plans for updates and new generations.

"In partnership with developers and driven by ever-increasing consumer expectations, we fully expect the owners of this platform to continue to push the boundaries of the big screen experience for years to come."

More news about the Microsoft Xbox plan can be shared later this year and will be expected if the new console will be released in 2020.


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