Wireless Data Usage in Canada remains the lowest in OECD countries: CRTC


The CRTC recently released the Communication Monitoring Report 2018 and once again, wireless data usage in Canada remains the lowest compared to customers in most other OECD countries, according to Michael Geist, is the result of Canada's uncompetitive wireless sector.


Looking at the latest CRTC data, it seems clear that pricing has a significant impact as data usage, because data with higher prices than the three major Canadian operators is much higher than other countries.

In addition, overheads remain a major source of massive consumer wireless expenditure with CRTC reporting more than $ 1.2 billion in revenue generated from excess cellular data this year.

Like Geist wrote:

Unfortunately, Canadian consumers are the worst affected by the two worlds: less monthly data usage than most OECD countries along with more than one billion dollars in excess costs. For the Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development of Navdeep Bains, the CRTC report is further evidence that "steps in the right direction" did not produce significant changes, suggesting it was a government wireless policy that desperately needed refresher.

Are you 'rationing' your wireless data? How many buckets of your data per month?


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