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Who is Julie Andrews playing in 'Aquaman'? Karathen is the "Key" to the Adventure of the Deep Sea

human water, the latest installments at the DC Extended Universe, just got an increase in the kingdom's profile. As reported by Weekly entertainment, this film is none other than Dame Julie Andrews for the secret role in human water. The British icon (and the former on the Queen's screen of Genovia) will voice Karathen, "an undersea creature that holds the key to Arthur Curry's quest to unite Atlantis and the surface world."

Unless you've seen a romance romance comedy in 1979 10, Andrews might not be your first guess for the beach or anything related to the sea. That said, producer Peter Safran told him EW the decision is easy:

"We want Karathen to have the voice of a classic British actress, even though it was somewhat digitally altered, and when we found Julie interested and available and eager to do so, casting her was a no-brainer."

As for characters, Karathen does not appear to appear in DC comics. Smart fans on Twitter think he might creature at the end of the latest trailer. If they are right, Karathen may not be the type you trust to care for your children, to make it lighter. Is this supposed to be like the Kraken? Terrible!

Picture of Warner Bros. on YouTube

Another related theory is Karathen is the Topo version of DCEU, a character that resembles an octopus / squid / sea monster and looks quite scary (in some illustrations, at least), but actually is a friend and sometimes even a pet for Aquaman. In one version, actually, characters have ears for music, so maybe that's why the producer chose Andrews.

Also, only to mention elephants in the room, this not something like that Mary Poppins Restores step of revenge. Even though both of them human water and Mary Poppins The sequel – starring Emily Blunt in the role of former Andrews – came out the same week, Andrews really refused to appear on Mary Poppins Restores in honor of Blunt. Still, it's a bit ironic that Poppins got this special part. Second human water and DCEU was distributed by Warner Brothers, and one of the reasons Andrews ended up with the role of Mary Poppins in the original film was because of the co-founder of Warner Bros. Jack Warner did not throw it as Eliza Doolittle in the film adaptation My Fair Lady. We knew this because it was very bad, when he received a Golden Globe for Mary Poppins, Andrews cheerfully thanked Warner for "allowing all that to happen."

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So it's all full circle. And not only that, but Andrews must be able to escape the polite, decent, and sweet character he tends to play in films to become a potentially evil Karathen. Obviously, he has a talent for humiliation.

Remember that when you go see human water in December. Whether Karathen is an enemy friend, it would have been nice to hear Andrews take this "key" role in a comic film. Maybe we will hear the other side of it!

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