When Is Jessica Simpson Set To Give Birth To A Third Child?


(L-R) Ashlee Simpson, Maxwell Johnson, Jessica Simpson and Ace Johnson Ashlee Simpson, Maxwell Johnson, Jessica Simpson, and Ace Johnson | Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images for Jessica Simpson Collection

Jessica Simpson is a few weeks away to welcome a newborn baby!

The fashion designer announced she was pregnant for the third time in September and many wondered when her due date?

The due date is in spring

Many suspect that Jessica Simpson will give birth in the spring.

Since sharing the news of her pregnancy back in September, we can easily guess that the fashion designer was fine in her pregnancy before telling fans.

Most women wait up to three months in their pregnancy to announce that they are with children. The reason, three months is when you know the sex of your baby and the risk of miscarriage is higher in the first trimester.

With all these factors, we can easily speculate that Jessica Simpson decided to wait a few months before sharing her interesting news with the world.

On September 18, Jessica Simpson shared Instagram photos of her two children Maxwell, 6, and Ace, 5, revealing the sex of their sister.

The 38-year-old reads the photo, "SURPRISE …" as the picture shows Maxwell and Ace looking oh very excited to pop two large polka dot balloons containing smaller pink balloons.

Simpson shared another photo of the sex revealed by the title, "This little baby girl will make us into a family of five. We cannot be happier announcing the blessings of this precious life. "

In addition to the encouraging news, Jessica Simpson also shared a photo of her caressing a growing baby lump with the words, "My baby love."

Jessica did not expect to have a third child

Although Simpson is very happy to welcome his third child to the world, the entertainer does not expect to have another baby.

Right after Jessica Simpson gave birth to her son, Ace, five years ago, Simpson went and got a hormonal IUD thinking this would be the last time she got pregnant.

In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres last May, Simpson stated, "We get an IUD, no one can enter the womb … I have two beautiful children and I don't have a third child. They are too cute – you really can't handle it. "

Seeing as if a hormone IUD was only effective for five years, Jessica Simpson contained her third child as soon as it was removed.

He will give birth to his baby in the coming months

Anyone who has seen Jessica Simpson recently can easily tell prospective mothers of these three children to be ready to appear.

Simpson has just held a baby shower for his third child this past week and from his appearance, Jessica Simpson could have welcomed his new daughter sooner than we thought.

Even though Jessica Simpson hasn't revealed the due date with anyone other than family, we know that she will be very excited not to get pregnant again.

Fashion designers have been open about their struggles with swollen ankles during this pregnancy and have even used frozen chicken nuggets to reduce swelling.

It doesn't matter when the due date is, congratulations to Jessica Simpson and her family!


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